Travel Taiwan

Dihua Street 2010

Northern Taiwan

  • Taipei County
    • Bitan -take a peaceful walk along the Xindian River or fight the crowds depending on the day
    • Danshui/Bali– eat specialties of the area and enjoy a sunset along the Danshui River
    • Jinguashi – its Gold Ecological Park preserves Taiwan’s mining history
    • Jiufen – a once prosperous mining town turned tourist destination
    • Juming Museum – a giant outdoor showcase for sculptor Ju Ming’s work
    • Lin Family Mansion and Garden – built in 1851, this mansion in Banchiao is a beautiful example of Qing-era houses found in Taiwan
    • Wulai – this Atayal mountain village is an excellent escape from the city
    • Yingge Ceramics Museum – a superb museum in Taiwan’s ceramics capital
    • Yuantong Temple – built during the Japanese occupation this temple is a short bus ride from the Jingan MRT Station
  • Hsinchu County
    • Neiwan – a Hakka community located in Hsinchu County for anyone needing a quick break from Taipei
  • Yilan County
    • Caoling Trail – this historic trail once served as an important link between Danshui and Yilan
    • Taoyuan Valley Trail – mountain views and water buffaloes on a trail that branches off the Caoling Trail

Rainbow Military Community

Western Taiwan

  • Miaoli County
    • Sanyi – a Hakka community with a lot of tourist destinations, this post barely scratches the surface on the area’s offerings
    • Schokolake – Cherry Blossoms and DIY chocolate
    • Tongluo – a rural community that hosts an annual Chrysanthemum festival


Eastern Taiwan

  • Hualian – explore the beautiful Taroko National Park: post includes the Shakadang Trail, the Eternal Spring Shrine, Tiansiang Temple, and the Tunnel of Nine Turns

Paper Church Trip

Central Taiwan

Trip South

Southern Taiwan

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