Technique – Comic Book Story

Language Skill/Content: Writing

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Preparation Time: Approximately ten minutes

Implementation Time: Fifteen to thirty minutes depending on which procedure/option you follow.

Teaching Materials/Equipment: Internet access and a simple photo editing software or correction tape.

Procedures: First grab a jpg of a comic book page from Google Images. Next remove the text from the speech bubbles, thought bubbles, and narration boxes either in photo editing software or by printing the page and using correction tape. I usually enlarge copies to A3 size so there is enough space for students to write. Before passing out, explain the difference between speech bubbles, thought bubbles, and narration boxes. You may wish to include target vocabulary that students should use in their writing or let them write whatever they like. If you print in black and white, younger students will likely enjoy coloring their creations.

Options: Teacher can create blank comic panels and have students draw their own characters, speech and thought bubbles, and narration boxes. My students have responded positively when using these for chapter summaries and what if scenarios during story classes.

Adapted From: I came up with this originally for a student I was tutoring who was obsessed with Iron Man. Several websites have blank comic pages available for download or you can follow my instructions and remove the text from a real comic book.

Example of a page used for the comic book story activity: (source: Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke):