Yangmingshan Flower Festival and Datun Falls


I spent most of Chinese New Year in Nantou eating and playing Mahjong. On Saturday, Cathy and I came back to Taipei to be greeted by the same weather that has plagued Taipei for 5 weeks: rainy and cold.
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Liuhuangku Geothermal Scenic Area

Liuhuangku 6

I had some time to kill before going to work, a rarity awarded to me during Shida’s semester breaks, so I decided to walk from Xinbeitou Station [新北投站] to Zhongzheng Mountain [中正山]. I didn’t know anything about the mountain, I just saw a picture of its location on the area map located inside the MRT station. Along the way I got lost changed my mind and decided to stop at the Liuhuangku Geothermal Scenic Area [硫磺谷地熱景觀區].
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