We’re Married!

Cathy and I finally tied the knot on Saturday, December 27, 2008 in her beautiful hometown of Jhongsing Village.  Since then, we’ve been really busy showing my parents and brother around Taiwan.  So if you’re looking for wedding pictures: my good friend Jason Huang took a lot of great photos that can be found hereMichael Turton has an excellent recap of the event on his blog, and David Reid also uploaded pictures on his flickr stream.  We’d like to thank all our guests who could attend to make our wedding day special!

I’ll resume regular blogging during the second week of January.  In the meantime, have a Happy New Year!

UPDATE: MJ Klein has wonderful food pics from the event.

Daily Photo – Taiwanese Wedding Cookie II

Cathy and I toured wedding cookie shops in Taichung last weekend. All but one of the stores gave us a sample box to go home with. Right now we have more cookies than we know what to do with.

The Other Big Day

Hair and Makeup

We got to the studio to take our wedding photos around 9:30 am on Sunday. At that time Cathy got her hair and makeup done and discussed the final locations for the outdoor shots. We also looked at a few photo books and decided which poses we liked the most. From the looks of other wedding photo albums in Taiwan, the wedding photos seem to trump the reception in importance. The giant book of photos and an enormous framed picture always adorn the entrance of a reception. Small wallet-sized photos are also feverishly grabbed by guests on their way in. I have no idea what people do with the 4 or 5 different pictures they each grab after they’ve gone home.
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