Supersampling Caotun

Zebra Crossing
Crosswalk Diagonals

Here’s a half a dozen photographs from the final roll of film used in my Lomo Supersampler. My Supersampler went through a whopping six rolls of film before the ripcord mechanism decided to stop working. Currently, the camera is in several pieces and occupies a drawer in my office at work. One of these days I’ll get around to modifying it to incorporate a film advance wheel. Until then, I hope you enjoy this small collection of snapshots taken in Caotun Township.

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Supersampler Cycling

Ride up Baguashan
Yellow Fever at 7-11

I recently found a Lomo Supersampler in my closet and have no idea how it got there.  Cathy is on a business trip at the moment so I have no way of ascertaining how this plastic camera came into our possession.  The Supersampler is a 35mm camera with four lenses which shoot in a sequence [4 pictures in 2 seconds or .2 seconds].  I’ve seen Lomo cameras on sale at bookstores in Taiwan as well as plenty hanging around the necks of hip college students.  I’ve never been tempted to purchase one because I could never justify spending over $2,000NT on a camera with a build quality only slightly better than a disposable.

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