The Longteng Broken Bridge

Longteng Broken Bridge

The Longteng Broken Bridge [龍騰斷橋]

The Longteng Bridge is located between Sanyi Township’s Shengsing Train Station Station [勝興車站] and Yutengping Station [魚藤坪車站] on the Old Mountain Line Railway [舊山線]. This beautiful red-brick bridge was built in 1905 during the period of Japanese colonial rule. On the morning of April 21, 1935, the massive 7.1 magnitude Hsinchu-Taichung Earthquake destroyed the Longteng Bridge.
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Lunch in Sanyi and Shengsing Train Station

A few flowers left

A handful of Cherry Blossoms [櫻花]

Over the weekend we drove a two-car caravan to lunch at Green Ark in Sanyi [三義], Maioli County [苗栗縣]. The restaurant had some really nice scenery surrounding it. So naturally, we took a lot of pictures…
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