Stamps of the Republic of China, Taiwan

The Generalissimo

The Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek [蔣介石]

A postage stamp’s primary purpose is to show evidence of  a fee paid for postage services.  A quick glance at a stamp reveals a few key elements:  The denomination  of the stamp, the country’s name, a graphic design, and most often text elements.  Postal administrations are either a branch of government or an official monopoly under its supervision.  Since stamps have both a national and international audience, a government has total control to depict itself as it would like to be perceived.  Over the weekend, we did some cleaning and stumbled across my sister-in-law’s stamp collection.  Some stamps were quite harmless and showed the beauty of Taiwan’s landscape, flora, and fauna.  Others bolstered the ruling regime through showcasing its developmental success and commemoration of war.

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