Xinyi Township Plum Blossoms

Plum BlossomsHere are a handful of photographs from our family’s trip to Nantou County’s Xinyi Township [信義鄉] to see plum blossoms [梅花]. We’ve visited several times and it gets more and more popular every year. We saw a parking spot while inching up the mountain towards Fengguidou [風櫃斗] but opted to continue driving to the Liujia Plum Farm [柳家梅園] down the mountain instead. That turned out to be an even bigger parking nightmare so I decided we should park beyond the farm so getting out would be easier. We ended up parking in Xinxiang Village [新鄉村] which according to one resident was an hour walk from the Liujia Plum Farm. We only walked for about fifteen minutes before finding a beautiful and nearly deserted patch of hillside covered in plum trees.

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Plum Blossoms in Xinyi Township

Plum Blossoms (Bordered)
On New Year’s Day I headed south to Xinyi Township to see the area’s plum blossoms [梅花]. I set out early and beat the traffic up the narrow, mountain road to Fengguidou [風櫃斗]. After a brief stop there to pick up some plum-related products I headed down the road to the Liujia Plum Farm [柳家梅園].
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Plum Blossoms of Liujia

Stop at Liujia, Nantou County

Too Early

A stone’s throw from Fengguidou [風櫃斗] is Xinyi Township’s Liujia Plum Farm [柳家梅園].  Liujia is home to a huge plum farm which covers a small hillside. You may recognize this area from China Airline’s 2008 Calendar featuring supermodel Lin Chi-ling.
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The Plum Blossoms of Fengguidou

Fengguidou 1/1/2012

Plum King

Tucked away in the mountains of Xinyi Township, Fengguidou [風櫃斗] is an amazing area for seeing Plum Blossoms [梅花] every winter. I visited Fengguidou on New Year’s  Day this year and some of the plum trees were just starting to bloom. Here’s a small collection of photographs from the trip.
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DIY Chocolate in Miaoli

Chocolate Box

Earlier this week my school took a field trip to Miaoli for some DIY chocolate at Schokolake [巧克力雲莊].  This was one of three stops during our school’s Miaoli trip and I’m pretty sure our students had the most fun here.  The area outside the chocolate factory is quite lovely with several flowering trees such as these Cherry Blossoms [櫻花] that were in full bloom during our visit:
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