10/10 Taichung City Google+ Photowalk

Taichung Google+ Photowalk

During the Double Ten holiday I met up with photographers Mark Forman, Darren Melrose, David Lin, and Joe Lin for the first ever Google+ Photowalk held in Taiwan.  We met at Taichung Train Station and worked our way through Jianguo Market, Taichung Park, and Yizhong Street.  Here’s a small collection of photographs taken during the walk:
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Saturday Morning Photowalk

Jhongsing Village 中興新村
My friend and fellow blogger Mark Forman came down from Taichung for a much overdue photowalk around Jhongsing Village and Caotun.  We had talked about having one here from way back when we had our photowalk around the Old Taichung Winery.  Luckily, we were blessed with wonderful weather for our walks around morning markets, parks, and temples.

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