Several Additions

Burara jaina formosana

Several additions were added to the butterfly page last week:

  • Lethe europa pavida
  • Euploea sylvester swinhoei
  • Mycalesis mineus
  • Elymnias hypermnestra hainana
  • Mycalesis francisca formosana
  • Suastus gremius
  • Burara jaina formosana
  • Eurema blanda arsakia
  • Appias albina semperi

This brings our grand total to 21 species so far!

Butterflies in Taiwan


So far, Cathy and I have photographed and identified 13 12 different species of butterflies around the beautiful island. Our identification book lists 133 species so we obviously have a long way to go!

NOTE: We have identified a few more than 13 12, but the quality of the pictures were not quite good enough to be on this blog’s dedicated butterflies page, which will be added on in the future!

So far we have:

  • Byasa polyeuctes termessus
  • Chilades pandava peripatria
  • Hypolimnas bolina kezia
  • Kaniska canace drilon
  • Athyma selenophora laela
  • Kallima inachis formosana
  • Symbrenthia hypselis scatinia
  • Idea leuconoe clara
  • Ypthima multistriata
  • Neptis sappho formosana
  • Milionia basalis pryeri [that’s a moth n00b]
  • Telicota ohara formosana
  • Heliophorus ila matsumurae

Dragonflies, Damselflies, and a Butterfly


Green Skimmer [Orthetrum sabina sabina]

Catherine and I went to the nearby lotus ponds to check things out and wondered behind one to a large natural pond with an unbelievable variety of dragonflies all in one place. We spent awhile there taking turns shooting the wonderful creatures that graced the pond. Scientific names are given on the species I could positively identify:
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