New This Week

Spindasis kuyanianus

There are a few new arrivals on the Taiwan’s Butterflies page after being eaten alive by mosquitoes today:

  • Graphium doson postianus
  • Graphium cloanthus kuge
  • Timelaea albescens formosana
  • Euploea mulciber barsine
  • Hypolimnas misippus
  • Symbrenthia lilaea formosanus
  • Junonia lemonias aenaria
  • Catopsilia pyranthe
  • Lampides boeticus
  • Spindasis kuyanianus

Our current total now stands at 31 species!

Brown Hawk-Owls

Brown Hawk-Owl

Earlier this week I was introduced to a tree on the grounds of a nearby elementary school where 4 Brown Hawk-Owls [褐鷹鴞, Ninox scutulata] had made their home. It was early in the morning and Cathy’s mother had showed me where they were. She goes there frequently with a group to practice Tai Chi.
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Taoyuan Valley Hike: Creatures of Flight


Athyma selenophora laela [單帶蛺蝶]

Yesterday’s hike started much the same way the Caoling Historic Trail hike ended. I left Taipei by train for Yilan County’s Dali [大里]. I started by making my way from the Dali Tian-Gong Temple [大里天公廟] to the area on the Caoling Trail near the Tiger inscription where visitors have the option of turning south along the Taoyuan Valley [桃源谷].
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