Micro-NIKKOR Long Time No See!

Sign of the Times

Before the rains began, I spent a couple of lunch breaks walking around some of my favorite stomping grounds in Jhongsing Village. I made  a point to shoot with my macro lens – a Micro-NIKKOR 105mm f/4 which has the build quality and weight of a tank’s gun-barrel. I wanted to shoot with this again because since purchasing a wide prime, I haven’t touched any of my other lenses.

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Very Hungry Caterpillars

Euploea mulciber

Euploea mulciber [端紫斑蝶]

Despite passing Puli’s Muh Sheng Museum of Entomology more than a dozen times I’ve never had the opportunity to step in until recently. If you’re into insects than you ‘ll likely thoroughly enjoy the museum. Outside the museum is a butterfly greenhouse while inside hosts a few display cases of various insects from Taiwan and around the world [including a walking stick about as long as my forearm]. The museum’s second floor houses display cases filled with several thousands of preserved insects. The most notable of these is an extremely rare hermaphrodite butterfly [one-half of its body is colorful while the other-half is dark].

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Jhongsing Village Lotus Ponds

Last month, I had some free time to kill so I headed to the Jhongsing Village Lotus Ponds.  This was my first visit to the ponds with my  Micro-NIKKOR 105 f/4, which I acquired last year.  The Lotus Flowers [荷花] in Jhongsing Village always attract quite a crowd when they are blooming and the day I went was no exception.  Given the bad light from my late start, the heat, and the crowds – I decided to make this a brief trip.
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