Saturday Cycling – The Lugu Loop

Lugu Bike Trip
This morning, cycling buddies Michael T. and Drew K. came down from Taichung for some cycling around Lugu [鹿谷].  The route was about 50km long and tallied up over 900m in climbs.  I packed my bike in Michael’s van and we traveled down HWY 3 to Zhushan [竹山].  We parked the van at the 7-11 on Jishan Road [3丙], unpacked, and were off!
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Sitou Barbeque and Critters


A portion of the extended holiday was spent barbecuing and exploring part of Taiwan’s quieter-side. A friend rented a cabin in Sitou [溪頭], Lugu Township [鹿谷鄉]. It was a great weekend featuring food, KTV, and bugs.

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