Daily Photo – Laundry List

Laundry list
I spent the night before my wedding at the Nantou Hotel.  Tradition goes that the groom has to arrive at the bride’s family’s house and pick up the bride.  Since I live on the third floor of that house that meant I had to be away for a night.  Although the room looked very clean when I walked in, it really showed its age after closer inspection.  Perhaps most noticible in the single-bed windowless room I stayed in was the unusual odor that permeated the air after I took a shower [I’m quite sure I wasn’t the source of that smell].  The reception on the television wasn’t too great on any channels that may have been worth watching, so like any other hotel I visit I began rummaging through all the written material in the room.  Before long, I came across the laundry service sheet I posted above.  I got a kick out of it, but that might be only because I was tired and lonely.