The Jhongliao Loop – Extended Edition

Cycling in Nantou

I was off to an early start on Sunday morning. I met up with my riding partner at a nearby 7-11 for an adventure into Jhongliao Township [中寮鄉]. Jhongliao is located east of Nantou City [南投市] and north of Jiji Township [集集鎮]. Most of my rides in Jhongliao begin with a steep but manageable climb to Pingding [坪頂]. After wrapping up the climb, we stopped at the Pingding Sacred Tree; A massive camphor tree believed to be over 1,600 years old. It’s tranquil and quiet, making it my favorite spot to stop when traveling in this direction. The only sounds were those of our conversation with a ham radio enthusiast we met on the climb up and that of a nearby resident’s dustpan hitting an object. My riding partner had plans for the rest of the day, so he turned back down the hill from which we came while I traveled in the other direction towards northern Jhongliao.

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Cycling – The Jhongliao Loop

October 10 Cycling
Early Sunday morning, I decided to head out on my bike in the direction of Jhongliao’s Dragon and Phoenix Waterfalls [龍鳳瀑布].  It had been a long time since I headed out in that direction and my usual route was leaving me wanting more since my last couple of outings.
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The Dragon and Phoenix Waterfalls

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of cycling with the Nantou City Power Cycling Club to a destination I haven’t visited since last year:  The Dragon and Phoenix Waterfalls [龍鳳瀑布].  The waterfalls are located in Zhongliao’s [中寮] Cingshui Village [清水村].  I’m happy to report that since my last visit, the walkway heading towards the waterfall has been repaired and other parts have been improved which should make this destination much more accessible if visiting with children.  A second walkway, on the other side of the Longan Forest River [龍眼林溪] has not been completed yet.
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