Doing the Touristy Stuff


Two salespeople from the company Cathy works for had to entertain a couple of their company’s customers in Taipei on Sunday. Through some unusual series of events Cathy and myself were roped into the task, too. Our free time was exchanged for free meals, various entrance tickets, and a ride home on the High Speed Rail as opposed to our usual luxurious choice: the Kuo-Kuang Bus Company [國光客運] . Our first destination was the National Palace Museum [國立故宮博物院]. Before strolling through the museum we ate lunch at the San-hsi t’ang Teahouse [三希堂], located on the fourth floor of the main exhibition hall.
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Taiwan High Speed Rail

Taiwan High Speed Rail

Prior to last weekend, I think I was the only Taiwan blogger not to have ridden the Taiwan High Speed Rail [台灣高速鐵路]. The ride from Taipei to Taichung was about an hour with three stops along the way. The ride was incredibly smooth and beats taking the bus hands down. If I had a better paying job I would take it every time.

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