Going Wireless [strobist-related]

Transmitter and Reciever
I had been toying with the idea of a wireless flash setup since stumbling upon the Strobist blog and thumbing through their group on Flickr. I had briefly toyed with attaching my SB-600 external flash to a sync-cable [remember all those Daily Photos?], but quickly recognized the limitations of only being able to move the flash an arm’s length from the camera.

The idea of buying a set of Ebay Triggers crossed my mind, sure they’ve been reviewed as being unreliable, but at a fraction of the cost of Pocket Wizards do I really care? Taking photographs is just a hobby of mine, not a paid gig.

All of these thoughts about a wireless flash set-up were swirling in my mind when Cathy, her sister, and I were driving to Costco in Taichung. We passed a photography store on the way. I decided to stop in the store while Cathy and her sister began their shopping.
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