Transformers 4 – Scene 24 – Leaked Storyboards

Transformers 01Detroit, Michigan – We join Bumbleebee as he rushes to the aid of a small unit of paramilitary misfits led by Ted Nugent [1] in a doomed-to-fail Charge of the Light Brigade-style attack [2] against Shockwave and Barricade in front of the Joe Louis Arena [3].

Members of Canada’s elite Joint Task Force 2 are pushing south into the core of the city after their landing on the Saint Claire Shores two hours ago hoping to join with the U.S. Delta Force A Squadron who are pushing eastward on 8 Mile Road [4].

A few civilians have started to flee the city via the Ambassador Bridge now that Starscream has halted his sorties over the Detroit River to battle Optimus Prime.

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Playing at the Park

Josie at the Park
Josie having fun at Jhongsing Park.  One thing we noticed while taking the baby to the park is that parents of more than one child and grandparents are very encouraging to allow their children and grandchildren to play with other children, while young couples with only one child are extremely cold towards other people’s children and encourage their children to play by themselves.