New Class – Taiwan Today


This week I started my sixth semester at the Mandarin Training Center at National Taiwan Normal University [師大國語教學中心]. I originally planned for the previous semester to be my last semester because I was really getting burned out from going to class everyday. However, towards the conclusion of the previous semester I was approached by a few of my old classmates about forming a class with a teacher I had before. I decided to join the class because I didn’t think I would accomplish anything special except perhaps sleep an extra two hours everyday if I wasn’t taking classes.
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MOS Burger Romanized Menu

I have included links to pictures from the company’s online menu.

All Star

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85度C Romanized Drink Menu

冰咖啡 bīng kāfēi ICED CAFE

  • 招牌冰咖啡 zhāopai bīng kāfēi 85℃ Iced Coffee
  • 美式冰咖啡 Měishì bīng kāfēi Iced Americano
  • 冰巧克力牛奶 bīng qiǎokèlì niúnǎi Iced Chocolate Milk
  • 冰拿鐵 bīng nátiě Iced Coffee Latte
  • 冰卡布奇諾 bīng kǎbùqínuò Iced Cappuccino
  • 冰摩卡可可 bīng mókǎ kěkě Iced Mocha Cocoa
  • 冰焦糖瑪琪朵 bīng jiāotáng mǎqíduǒ Iced Caramel Macchiatto
  • 冰法式榛果拿鐵 bīng Fǎshì zhēnguǒ nátiě Iced French Hazel Latte
  • 冰法式焦糖拿鐵 bīng Fǎshì jiāotáng nátiě Iced French Caramel Latte

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