Kallima inachis formosana

Kallima inachis formosana
Blue Wing Surface with Wide, Orange Bands

Kallima inachis formosana is one of about 5,000 species of butterflies belonging to the Nymphalidae Family. Its common name is the Dead Leaf Butterfly [枯葉蝶] and is found in Taiwan’s low mountain areas of around 500-1500 meters above sea level. Adult lifespan is between two to three months and its diet consists of fruit and sap. It spectacularly mimics a dry leaf when its wings are closed.
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No. 55

Eurema hecabe
Assuming this is Eurema hecabe [菏氏黃蝶] and not Eurema blanda arsakia [台灣黃蝶] then that would bring the total number of different species photographed at 55.

If you’re an expert at identifying insects and would like a challenge please don’t hesitate to double check the identifications at the Taiwan’s Butterflies page.

UPDATE: Nope, definitely another Eurema blanda arsakia.  Still at 54 species.

Daily Photo – Pale Blue Grass

Pale Grass Blue
Stumbled upon a pair of Pale Blue Grass butterflies [Zizeeria maha okinawana] while on the Songboling Trail over the weekend.  These two presented a great opportunity to play with my recently acquired Micro-NIKKOR 105mm f/4.