Daily Photo – Fried Egg Salad [Blogtoberfest]

Fried Egg Salad
This is just one example of the delicious dishes offered during Blogtoberfest hosted by MJ Klein. The event was at a Thai restaurant near MJ’s home in Hukou, Hsinchu County. Cathy and I arrived in Hukou early so we went exploring around Hukou’s Old Street [湖口老街]. We ate a fairly large lunch and arrived at the blogger meet-up around 3pm. We were quite full from lunch, but once a few of the dishes such as the one above arrived at our tables we really couldn’t resist.

Several members of Taiwan’s English-language Blogsphere that I hadn’t seen in ages were in attendance: Carrie, Andres, David Reid, Mark, Craig, and Michael Turton.

Also in attendance were a couple bloggers I haven’t seen in a couple weeks: Darren [we went shooting together in Taipei recently] and David Edwards [who I bumped into on the Taipei MRT that same weekend].

I also got a chance to meet Ashish [both Cathy and I agree that your wife is adorable and you need to post more pictures on your blog], Wayne, Mei, and Neil at the event.