The Shuili Snake Kiln

Shuili Snake Kiln
The Shuili Snake Kiln [水里蛇窯] was built in 1927 when master potter Lin Chiang-sung [林江松] arrived in this small town in rural Nantou County.  Today visitors can create their own ceramic pieces,  learn about the ceramics making process, and enjoy the works of local artists.
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Daily Photo – Mangled

Jiufen Ershan
Jiufen Ershan’s nightmarish landscape.  I went a little wild with the Lightroom sliders.  View it in large.

Took this pan while out cycling with Michael and Drew.  Michael has a write up of the route on his blog.  An interactive map can be found on

Saturday Cycling – Jiufen Ershan

After months of waiting, the time had finally come for another attempt up Jiufen Ershan [九份二山].  My last attempt in May ended in failure when I turned around after it started raining.  This time the weather called for sunny skies.  I also took a different direction up also this time, taking a road from Qingshui Village [清水村] up rather than Hexing [和興].

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921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan


Taiwanese and international newscasts reporting the deadly quake

At 1:47 in the early morning of September 21, 1999, Taiwan was struck by its most devastating earthquake in over a century. The massive 7.3 magnitude earthquake killed 2,415 persons, left 29 still missing, injured 11,305, completely destroyed 44,338 houses while severely damaging another 41,336, and caused NT$300 billion in property damages.
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