2012 Nantou Sand Sculpture Festival

Nantou Sand Sculpture Festival
This year’s Nantou Sand Sculpture Festival [南投市貓羅溪畔沙雕藝術節] runs through February 12. We went yesterday afternoon when the sun came out for the first time during the Lunar New Year holiday. This year’s theme is Taiwanese Cinema. There are sculptures inspired by recent Taiwanese movies such as Seediq Bale [賽德克‧巴萊], Cape No. 7 [海角七號], Monga [艋舺], Island Etude [練習曲], and others.

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2012 Nantou Sand Sculpture Festival Website [Chinese]

Posts from the 2009, 2010, and 2011 festivals.

2011 Nantou Sand Sculpture Festival

Nantou City Sand Sculpture Festival 2011
The now annual Nantou City Sand Sculpture Festival was held last month at its usual location along the Maoluo River.  Cathy and I took my parents there during their visit to Taiwan during the Lunar New Year holiday.  I am happy to report that this year was free of any incidents of vandalism.  Here is a small collection of photographs from the event.

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