Our Children

Welcome to a page devoted to our children Josephine and Nathaniel!

Collages [created with a nifty little program called Comic Life 2]:

Nathan Comic Life

Happy Lunar New Year

Nathan's First Birthday!

Fun in Taichung

Fun in Taichung

On the Swings

At Jhongsing Park

Christmas Collage

Nathan Nov17 Comic Life


Don't Drink the Water!


Häagen-Dazs Comic Life

Afternoon Tea

Josie in Yellow

Picking Strawberries

Dirt - Comic Life

Picking the Future

Crawling Competition

Josie at the Park

Jhongsing Park

I Can Fly

Apple Yummy

Making Faces

Making Faces

Duck Hunt

I am Josie

In my Seat

Teddy Bear

Reading Time

Sprawled Out

Baby Attends A Wedding

Making Faces

Anti-Drooling Ceremony

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29 thoughts on “Our Children

  1. She looks like around 2 yrs. old? Active munchkin, that’s for sure. (She might be same age as one of my nephews..he’s half-Chinese himsef.)

  2. You have beautiful little girl there. I can tell you, girls are always more close to their fathers 😉 Make sure to make it right 😛

  3. Awww… I love all the pictures. Your baby is so adorable and cute. Reminds me of the times when my little one was still crawling and all. Now he’s just all over the place, climbing here and there, and me chasing him every where! ha ha. God bless you and your beautiful family.

  4. Wow! You have such a lovely, healthy, and amazing children. What a blessing. I just discovered your Blog and so far I Love it! For sure I will keep coming back. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful pictures.

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