Taiwan Design Expo [3 of 3] – The Old Taichung Winery

This post is the third and final post of the series.  This one focuses on the Old Taichung Winery.  The photos in this post were taken in the areas of the winery that haven’t been renovated for exhibition use.  The winery is a paradise of decay, corrosion, colors, and textures to feast your eyes on.
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Taiwan Design Expo [2 of 3] – The Other Stuff

Taiwan Design Expo
Welcome to part two of the three part series on the Taiwan Design Expo.  We didn’t spent too much time in the exhibition halls, as most were pretty crowded.  That’s not to say there wasn’t any interesting stuff.
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Taiwan Design Expo [1 of 3] – Robots


演 [yǎn] – to develop / to evolve / to practice / to perform / to play / to act

This post is the first of a three part series of yesterday’s visit to the Taiwan Design Expo with my friend and fellow blogger Mark Forman.  The second part will focus on displays at the expo that didn’t have anything to do with non-functional robots, while the third will focus on the old Taichung Winery, where the event is being held through October 18.
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The Botanical Garden of the National Museum of Natural Science

National Museum of Natural Science Botanical Garden

This weekend I checked out the Botanical Garden of the National Museum of Natural Science [國立自然科學博物館] in Taichung. Founded in 1999, the 4.5-hectare garden contains more than 400 plant collections. The admission charge for the Tropical Rain Forest Greenhouse [pictured above] is $20NT.
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Doing the Touristy Stuff


Two salespeople from the company Cathy works for had to entertain a couple of their company’s customers in Taipei on Sunday. Through some unusual series of events Cathy and myself were roped into the task, too. Our free time was exchanged for free meals, various entrance tickets, and a ride home on the High Speed Rail as opposed to our usual luxurious choice: the Kuo-Kuang Bus Company [國光客運] . Our first destination was the National Palace Museum [國立故宮博物院]. Before strolling through the museum we ate lunch at the San-hsi t’ang Teahouse [三希堂], located on the fourth floor of the main exhibition hall.
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Hiking in the Dakeng Scenic Area

Dakeng Scenic Area

The weekend was one of those rare 2-day weekends because my students were busy at their regular school making up the day they missed on account of the holiday. It feels great to say, “Have a nice weekend” to my boss on Friday evening instead of on Saturday morning. We woke up early on Sunday morning to avoid the midday heat and headed towards the Dakeng Scenic Area [大坑風景區] in Taichung [台中].
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Be sure to try the Sausage Sampler!

Traveler Kitchen1.jpg

Over the break we drove from Jhongsing Village to Traveler Kitchen in Taichung for lunch. Traveler Kitchen runs two restaurants in Taichung: one Greek and one German.
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Welcome to Taichung!


Pictured: Cathy, Christine, and myself posing for photostickers in Taichung. My head looks really tiny in the picture on the right (come to think of it, my head looks tiny in every picture, from now on I’ll stand in front).

Now that I am back in Taipei, I am just now starting to sift through the rest of the photos from my week off after the excursion to Kenting. Dealing with all those photos using Blogger’s software like I did in the previous two posts proved to be a major pain.

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Dickin’ around in Central Taiwan


On Thursday evening, Catherine and myself left Taipei for Nantou. On the bus ride a film was playing which appeared to be a public service announcement about how not to die from Carbon Monoxide poisoning in the event of a car accident inside a tunnel. The film starred three Taiwanese people and their foreign friend who was excited about the wonderful sights the island had to offer, but was confused by some of the customs to which his Taiwanese friends would come to his rescue and save him from imminent embarrassment… at least that’s what I remember from the movie.

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