Taichung’s Mutou Wood Tourism Factory

Mutou Wood Tourism Factory The kids had a blast at the Mutou Wood Tourism Factory [老樹根魔法木工坊] in Taichung City. I’m usually skeptical of any location with the words tourism factory in the title. They are usually dry, guided tours that always conclude with a gift shop. This one however gives you a bag of marbles with admission for some of the outdoor games, has some creative playground equipment for children, and a DIY area to construct and paint objects ranging from stools, pinwheels, and pencil holders. Most of the photographs here feature my son because my daughter was busy painting with her mother in the DIY area while Nathan was playing in the outdoor area.

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10/10 Taichung City Google+ Photowalk

Taichung Google+ Photowalk

During the Double Ten holiday I met up with photographers Mark Forman, Darren Melrose, David Lin, and Joe Lin for the first ever Google+ Photowalk held in Taiwan.  We met at Taichung Train Station and worked our way through Jianguo Market, Taichung Park, and Yizhong Street.  Here’s a small collection of photographs taken during the walk:
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She Blinded Me With Science

Double Nautilus

Nautilus Cross-Section

My kindergarten class had the opportunity to go on a long overdue field trip to the National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung. This post contains a small collection of photographs that don’t include my students [actually, the only photographs that don’t include students]:

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Taichung’s Nantun District – December 18 Photowalk

The Arsenal
Taichung’s Nantun Armory

On Saturday, I met up with my friend and fellow blogger Mark Forman for a photowalk through a portion of Taichung’s Nantun District.  Here’s a small collection of photographs from our morning walk:
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Taichung Photowalk Roundrobin [August edition]

8/28 Taichung Photowalk
On Saturday, I met up with bloggers Mark Forman and David Reid for a photowalk in downtown Taichung.  Our walk took us through areas near Taichung Train Station.  Walking across from the station we began our tour through a once robust area which has decreased in importance as Taichung’s center of gravity has shifted.  The photo used at the top of this post is of one of the many abandoned buildings which are prevalent on that side of town.  We walked through the Jade Market and Taichung Park before heading to Yizhong Street and completing our loop back to the train station.

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Taichung – Worldwide Photowalk

The things people do to their dogs...
I met up with Mark and David for the Taichung-edition of Scott Kelby’s Third Annual Worldwide Photowalk.  Mark led us around Taichung’s West District on a hot and overcast Saturday afternoon.  Although I didn’t come back with any stellar shots, it was a lot of fun exploring with great company.
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Taichung’s Rainbow Military Dependents’ Village

Rainbow Military Community
We headed to Taichung City’s Chun An Military Dependents’ Village [春安眷村] this morning before the heavy rains came.  The village has become popular from the paintings by Huang Yung-fu [黃永阜], a veteran in his mid-80s who has transformed this once nondescript village into a vibrant tourist destination for young couples and families.
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Taichung Photowalk

As mentioned in the yesterday’s post, over the weekend I met up with Mark Forman, David Ried, and Darren Melrose for a photowalk in Taichung. My previous post featured my favorite photographs from Saturday’s get-together taken by the other photographers.  Mark, David, and Darren have also posted their favorite photographs from everyone.

Here are six of my own shots that I took during the photowalk that I personally like and weren’t featured elsewhere:
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Taichung Photowalk Round Robin

I met up with Mark Forman, Darren Melrose, and David Reid for a photowalk in Taichung on Saturday.  Mark had the idea that that each person could select a photograph from the other three people to post on their blog.
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Jianguo Market Photowalk

Jianguo Market
Extra Crispy or Original Recipe?

Over the weekend I met up with Taichung-based photographer/blogger Mark Forman over in his stomping grounds for some photography and conversation.  Our first stop was Taichung’s Jianguo Market [建國市場], located a stone’s throw from the train station.  Like others in Taiwan, the market is a total assault on the senses.  I am gradually getting over my apprehension to photograph strangers thanks in part to an excellent guide written by Darren Melrose last year and in part to taking walks like this and realizing I can only take so many pictures of fresh produce on a table.  For those waiting for my still life pictures from the walk, you’ll have to wait because they are sitting on an unfinished roll in my FM2.

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