Tung Blossoms in Miaoli

Tung BlossomsI think I’ve finally recovered after my family went on a day-trip to Miaoli with my mother-in-law and a bus full of her coworkers about two and a half months ago. If you are unfamiliar with a Taiwanese group day-trip they mostly follow the same exhausting formula: one interesting stop followed by half a dozen boring ones. In addition, the karaoke on the bus only has one volume – deafening. Here’s a small collection of photographs from my favorite of our stops – The Hakka Compound [客家大院] in Tongluo Township [銅鑼鄉] to see the Tung Blossoms [油桐花].
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The Longteng Broken Bridge

Longteng Broken Bridge

The Longteng Broken Bridge [龍騰斷橋]

The Longteng Bridge is located between Sanyi Township’s Shengsing Train Station Station [勝興車站] and Yutengping Station [魚藤坪車站] on the Old Mountain Line Railway [舊山線]. This beautiful red-brick bridge was built in 1905 during the period of Japanese colonial rule. On the morning of April 21, 1935, the massive 7.1 magnitude Hsinchu-Taichung Earthquake destroyed the Longteng Bridge.
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DIY Chocolate in Miaoli

Chocolate Box

Earlier this week my school took a field trip to Miaoli for some DIY chocolate at Schokolake [巧克力雲莊].  This was one of three stops during our school’s Miaoli trip and I’m pretty sure our students had the most fun here.  The area outside the chocolate factory is quite lovely with several flowering trees such as these Cherry Blossoms [櫻花] that were in full bloom during our visit:
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2009 Tongluo Chrysanthemum & Taro Festival

Tongluo Trip
The 2009 Miaoli Tongluo Chrysanthemum & Taro Festival [2009苗栗銅鑼杭菊芋頭節] kicked off on Saturday, November 7 at Jiuhu Leisure Farm.   We checked out the festival yesterday and had learned that we were still a little early for the total bloom.  After walking a little further from the main festival area that had a stage and various tents selling crafts and taro and chrysanthemum based goods, we found an area with a pretty high percentage already blooming.
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Lunch in Sanyi and Shengsing Train Station

A few flowers left

A handful of Cherry Blossoms [櫻花]

Over the weekend we drove a two-car caravan to lunch at Green Ark in Sanyi [三義], Maioli County [苗栗縣]. The restaurant had some really nice scenery surrounding it. So naturally, we took a lot of pictures…
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