Transformers 4 – Scene 24 – Leaked Storyboards

Transformers 01Detroit, Michigan – We join Bumbleebee as he rushes to the aid of a small unit of paramilitary misfits led by Ted Nugent [1] in a doomed-to-fail Charge of the Light Brigade-style attack [2] against Shockwave and Barricade in front of the Joe Louis Arena [3].

Members of Canada’s elite Joint Task Force 2 are pushing south into the core of the city after their landing on the Saint Claire Shores two hours ago hoping to join with the U.S. Delta Force A Squadron who are pushing eastward on 8 Mile Road [4].

A few civilians have started to flee the city via the Ambassador Bridge now that Starscream has halted his sorties over the Detroit River to battle Optimus Prime.

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Betel Nut Spice Girls version 2

Betel Nut Spicy Girls series 2

I was shopping at the nearby Poya when I noticed a vending machine stocked with Tommy Bear Co.’s new Betel Nut Spice Girls version 2 series [檳榔辣妹二彈]. In this series each character is sitting or standing at identical betel nut stands while in the first series each character includes a completely different scene.
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iPod Vending Machine

While in Michigan I spotted this gem at the Somerset Collection mall in Troy:


I had read that these existed but had never seen one in the flesh. It’s a little ridiculous considering that there is an Apple store a few yards away (never mind the fact that everyone who lives in Troy already has 2.5 iPods per family).

Vending Machine Toys


While near Taipei Main Station, I visited a stationary store and I was quite surprised to find a Betelnut Girl toy vending machine at the entrance. $120 NT gave you a toy and a chance to play paper, rock, scissors against the machine for a chance at another toy (there are 5 toys in the set). Much to my disappointment, I didn’t beat the machine a single time.
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