Cosplay at NTU – Petit Fancy 8 [the extended post]


As mentioned in the previous post, Petit Fancy 8 was held at National Taiwan University’s campus over the weekend, here is the picture heavy post that I promised. David Reid wrote a post about the event over the weekend, as did Darren Melrose on his new WP-powered blog. My anime phase passed after Cowboy Bebop aired on the Cartoon Network, so I have no idea who most of these characters are.
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Cosplay in Taiwan – PF8

Cosplay Photographers

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting up with bloggers/photographers Craig Ferguson, David Reid, and Darren Melrose for the cosplay event Petit Fancy 8 held at National Taiwan University. The event also marked my first time shooting in RAW and right now I am trying to get used to using Adobe Lightroom as opposed to sorting and adjusting pictures in iPhoto.

I’ll have a longer post, with more pictures, in the next few days.

New Blog: KTV Xiaojie

Butterfly in Disquise

Kallima inachis formosana

If you like singing in front of your computer as much as I do, then you’ll love Holly’s new site KTV小姐!

Holly romanizes Chinese pop songs for your reading and singing pleasure.  I look forward to future updates Holly!

Luo Shen Fu and Din Tai Fung


Luo Shen Fu – The Tale of the Luo River Goddess was written by Caozhi, a famous poet during the Three Kingdoms period to convey his love for his brother Caopi’s wife ZhenFu. Cathy, Ray, and myself saw a production of this legendary poem at the National Theater on Sunday. The dances were beautifully choreographed to absolutely wonderful music. Of course, I had the misfortune of sitting in front of the only person in the theater to laugh uncontrollably during one scene. This was the same person who was overheard after the show asking her friend how a foreigner would understand what was going on in the story. I guess she didn’t see the nice Chinese/English program that everyone who was willing to spend $200 NT was walking around with.

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