Welcome to Taichung!


Pictured: Cathy, Christine, and myself posing for photostickers in Taichung. My head looks really tiny in the picture on the right (come to think of it, my head looks tiny in every picture, from now on I’ll stand in front).

Now that I am back in Taipei, I am just now starting to sift through the rest of the photos from my week off after the excursion to Kenting. Dealing with all those photos using Blogger’s software like I did in the previous two posts proved to be a major pain.

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Photo Booth Session (Birthday Post-X-Men III Edition)


As of yesterday, I am a quarter-century old. In my newfound maturity, I will stop dragging my feet and actually find a second job this week. Something that fills up my mornings will help me break out of the habit of waking up at 11 every morning. I used to do a lot of reading on the subway to work everyday.I need to get back into that habit as I shouldn’t play Final Fantasy Tactics everyday.
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