Three pans for your weekend enjoyment

Danshui Panorama

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First, a couple pans taken in Danshui a couple weeks ago. I haven’t been out much to explore the functions of my camera on account of running into a bit of a health problem recently, so here goes:
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Nikon D40

Residential buildings

Seems lately a big portion of the Taiwan Blogsphere is upgrading or contemplating upgrading their digital cameras: Michael [Turton] purchased a Canon Powershot S5 IS, Holly bought a Canon EOS 400D, Andres is contemplating between Canon and Nikon, and it seems Carrie is thinking about going DSLR.

As a reward to myself for taking on extra teaching hours over the summer, I finally broke down and purchased a Nikon D40.

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Danshui and Hongshulin Panoramas


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Two days ago I bought a Nikon D40 (more on this next post) and yesterday I took it for a spin. The skies above Taipei were beautiful so I decided to take the MRT to Danshui Station and walk to Hongshulin Station.

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Hongmao Castle


Fort San Domingo was originally a wooden structure built by the Spanish in Danshui in 1629. The wooden fort lasted merely until 1636 when local people burned it down in retaliation to taxes imposed by the Spanish colonists. In 1637 the fort was rebuilt using stone. In 1642 the Dutch took over the fort after the expulsion of the Spanish. The fort was called Hongmao by the locals in reference to the red hair of the Dutch occupiers. The fort served as the British Consulate in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries [source].

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Return to Danshui

On Sunday, I went to Danshui again, this time with Cathy, I-An, and Jason. Before the trip, we had lunch. Pictured below is the beef noodles I ordered. The bowl was bigger than my stomach and my face combined:


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Danshui and Bali excursion


My Mandarin instructor from Eastern Michigan has been visiting her family in Taiwan for the past two weeks. Yesterday, I got a chance to see her and meet some of her family during a short trip to Danshui and Bali.

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