Doing the Touristy Stuff


Two salespeople from the company Cathy works for had to entertain a couple of their company’s customers in Taipei on Sunday. Through some unusual series of events Cathy and myself were roped into the task, too. Our free time was exchanged for free meals, various entrance tickets, and a ride home on the High Speed Rail as opposed to our usual luxurious choice: the Kuo-Kuang Bus Company [國光客運] . Our first destination was the National Palace Museum [國立故宮博物院]. Before strolling through the museum we ate lunch at the San-hsi t’ang Teahouse [三希堂], located on the fourth floor of the main exhibition hall.
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Three pans for your weekend enjoyment

Danshui Panorama

View the large

First, a couple pans taken in Danshui a couple weeks ago. I haven’t been out much to explore the functions of my camera on account of running into a bit of a health problem recently, so here goes:
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Holidays part V – Taipei 101 from Mao Kong

The evening of 12/31/06 was spent at Mao Kong in anticipation of Taipei 101’s fireworks. The view from where we were was great and not very crowded.


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Holidays part III – New Year’s Eve eve continued

On the afternoon of 12/30/06, Cathy and I walked in the area around Taipei 101 to see who was more photogenic (she won by a landslide). There is a small area of old military housings a short walk from 101 that we stumbled upon by accident a couple months ago.


Despite being prime real estate, crews were working on the interior to preserve and not to destroy.

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Taipei 101


When I visited Taiwan during the Summer of 2004, I was quite disappointed to see what looked like the completed structure only to find out when I got there that it was still under construction and not ready for visitors. The other day, Taipei was presented with a clear day so we decided to catch some views from 101.
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