Kyoto/Osaka – Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

Kansai Airport

Our flight left out of Taoyuan International Airport an hour early to avoid Typhoon Krosa which was already hammering Taiwan with heavy wind and rain early Saturday morning. We barely made it to the terminal on time on account of a traffic accident preventing Cathy (who was coming from Nantou) to make it to the airport early.
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Cathy in Hokkaido!


As stated in the previous post, last week Cathy went to Hokkaido and took a ton of wonderful pictures. It is Lavender season in Hokkaido, so Cathy and her second sister got to spend a lot of time around the flowers:
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Bearly Legal

Last week, Cathy went to Hokkaido with her sister. However, she forgot one thing… her boyfriend! So while I was extremely busy taking over many of the hours of one of our school’s teachers who was granted the entire month of July off, Cathy got to go see a lot of beautiful flowers, gorgeous scenary, eat delicious Japanese food, and meet many bears.

Here is a short (15 second) video of some of the bears begging for cookies. I will have an additional post in the next couple of days with pictures taken by Catherine in Hokkaido.