Cingjing Farm

A couple days before our wedding we brought my family and Cathy’s nephew up to Cingjing Farm [清境農場] for some great food and mountain scenery.  The winding road going up still had a few sections of road missing from the previous typhoon [four months ago].  Luckily there were no delays as there was very little traffic going up or down from our destination because it was a weekday.

Our first stop after such a long drive was Yunwu [清境雲舞樓渡假花園] for some excellent Yunnan cuisine, no need for much description, I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

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Zhuzi Lake

Sweet Potato Soup

Ginger and Sweet Potato Soup [薑汁番薯湯]

We left the flower show in the early afternoon and took a bus to Zhuzi Lake [竹子湖]. By the time we arrived it was raining fairly hard so we took shelter at one of the nearby restaurants for a late lunch and to wait for the rain to lighten up a bit.
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Dihua St. – Shopping for Chinese New Year


Yesterday, we checked out the action on Dihua St. [迪化街] of people doing their shopping for Chinese New Year. We didn’t do much buying, but we did partake in a lot of sampling.
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MOS Burger Romanized Menu

I have included links to pictures from the company’s online menu.

All Star

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There’s a bug in my food


I went to Maokong [貓空] yesterday after work for a late lunch. I went with a couple classmates and their Taiwanese friends. We left the ordering to our Taiwanese friends, during which time I was only half-paying attention to everything they said to our server. So when the food came weren’t we all stunned to find this lovely plate of deep fried bugs. They seemed pretty tasteless outside of the slight spice that was added to them. I never expected anything like this in Taiwan… I thought I had to go to Southeast Asia for such a dish.
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Be sure to try the Sausage Sampler!

Traveler Kitchen1.jpg

Over the break we drove from Jhongsing Village to Traveler Kitchen in Taichung for lunch. Traveler Kitchen runs two restaurants in Taichung: one Greek and one German.
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Eating @ Shi Yang Cultural Restaurant, Lengshuikeng


The Shi Yang Cultural Restaurant is located on Lane 101 Jingshan Road, south of the Lengshuikeng Visitor Center in Yangmingshan National Park. The area is named Lengshuikeng (cool water pit) because the temperature of the hot springs in this area is about 90 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than usual hot springs. I must warn you, there are lots of pictures of food in this post, so please proceed with caution.
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Looking through my iPhoto library I noticed I have taken a lot of photos of food since arriving in Taiwan almost six months ago. This post is a gallery of some of the food I have encountered here and should not be viewed by anyone with an empty stomach. The pictures are presented in the chronological order of the date they were taken.

The first two pictures are from a restaurant in Zhonghe that I was treated to by Cathy’s former boss the day after I arrived in Taiwan:


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Luo Shen Fu and Din Tai Fung


Luo Shen Fu – The Tale of the Luo River Goddess was written by Caozhi, a famous poet during the Three Kingdoms period to convey his love for his brother Caopi’s wife ZhenFu. Cathy, Ray, and myself saw a production of this legendary poem at the National Theater on Sunday. The dances were beautifully choreographed to absolutely wonderful music. Of course, I had the misfortune of sitting in front of the only person in the theater to laugh uncontrollably during one scene. This was the same person who was overheard after the show asking her friend how a foreigner would understand what was going on in the story. I guess she didn’t see the nice Chinese/English program that everyone who was willing to spend $200 NT was walking around with.

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