Welcome to the new site!


I was getting a little tired of fiddling with the template on Blogger for so long that I decided to try something new. Right now I’ve been experimenting with the new platform to see what has and hasn’t worked since the import. I am delighted to see most of the content survived intact: the old comments look a bit strange, but things mostly seem right. I’m no longer on holiday break so hopefully I’ll be able to find time to straighten everything out. Enjoy!



Usually around this time I have a new batch of pictures of some new location I visited to share with my regular visitors… however, on Christmas Eve my camera took a pretty bad spill and hit the sidewalk lens first.

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Taiwan Blogs

In the void left by Michael Turton no longer doing weekly blog roundups, other websites have started to pick up the pieces in the last two weeks:

Mark Wilbur of Doubting to Shuo created the automated Taiwan Blog Feed and Andres made Bloggers in Taiwan. Both are off to outstanding starts. Keep up the good work guys!

Betel Nut Videos


The Real Taiwan has two top-notch Betel Nut girl videos. For those who do not know, Betel Nut is a mild stimulant that is chewed to achieve this effect. It is sold at kiosks along suburban roads and highways by scantily-dressed women.

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