Daily Photo / Announcement – Break Time

I won’t be writing any posts for the rest of September.  For two weeks of this month my wife and I will finally be on our honeymoon [better late than never right?].  Most of my additional free time will be spent doing last minute planning for the big trip and wrapping my head around creating a curriculum for my new classes.

See you later, Space Cowboy.

Daily Photo – Typhoon Morakot

The Storm Leaves
Typhoon Morakot left a path of destruction in its aftermath.  The full extent of the damage may not be known for a few days.  The AP reports that 400 people are missing in Pingtung after a mudslide buried a village.  Michael Turton and David Reid have both compiled several links of typhoon related news.  Taiwanese Secrets posted some basic information on typhoon season and how best to prepare for a storm.

Videos: A hotel collapses in Taitung County, footage of a flooded plain viewed from the Taiwan High Speed Rail, and a bridge washes away in Kaohsiung.

Worldwide Photo Walk – Taiwan Details

View of the Changhua Plain
The Second Annual Worldwide Photo Walk will be taking place on July 18, 2009.  So far, two groups have sprung up in Taiwan:  One in Taipei, led by Craig Ferguson and the other in Taichung, led by Mark Forman.

Signing up is easy!  Simply click either of the cities above [or find one closer to you for my non-Taiwan visitors] and fill in a few boxes.  For those attending the Taichung Walk, I’ll see you there!

Shrink Your Footprint with Glass Straws

A lot of people carry around reusable chopsticks in Taiwan to help the environment, but why not reusable straws as well?  I received this press release in my inbox and thought it would be a good idea to share it here given the volume of people who stumble on this site looking for information about bubble tea.  Here’s a way to enjoy one and cut down on waste at the same time!


Sip the World, it’s worth it!
GlassDharma – The original glass straw, handmade in the U.S.A

(Fort Bragg – CA)  Why go plastic when you can go prestigious?  It’s time to
replace ordinary plastic straws with the beautiful elegance of glass.  Known
for their uniqueness, strength, and beauty, GlassDharma straws are about the best life has to offer – healthy living promoting a healthy world with a “touch of glass”.

Embrace the Elegance of Glass
David Leonhardt, founder and master lampworker at GlassDharma, put his heart and soul into developing the exquisite glass straw product line. David takes the time to ensure the quality of each and every straw.  “I believe that I have perfected the art of making glass with purpose and
style.  GlassDharma straws have been the catalyst for my commitment to
bettering the world.  As I educate people about the benefits of glass and
the negative effects of plastic, I benefit in return, by learning more about living with a greener footprint.”

Glass can be both Sustainable and Durable
Offering an unprecedented lifetime guarantee, GlassDharma stands behind their product, and promises that if it breaks, it will be repaired or
replaced.  Made from borosilicate glass, the safest and strongest glass
commercially available, GlassDharma straws are incomparable to ordinary
plastic straws – they are even dishwasher and microwave safe! The
GlassDharma team is so confident with the product that they will extend a
full refund if a customer is not satisfied (not that they predict this will

Think Outside the Glass
GlassDharma straws not only replace their plastic and toxic counterparts,
but they can be used to bring a touch of elegance, conversation and lots of
compliments whenever used.

  • Great for all hot or cold drinks
  • Perfect in specialty drinks – bubble teas, shakes and smoothies, iced drinks
  • Beautiful in cocktails – great accessory for any martini glass
  • Concerned about staining your teeth or decay? Use for wine, coffee and teas.
  • Kid friendly and safe
  • Everyone knows a bendy straw is needed when sick in bed – the Beautiful Bend collection serves this purpose!

One for Everyone
GlassDharma straws are available in three collections: Simple Elegance,
Beautiful Bend, and the colour accented Decorative Dots. Offered in many
heights and widths, GlassDharma straws are available individually or in
sets.  The accessory line includes cleaning brushes and colourful “Cozies”,
created from Ecospun, to protect your straws on the go.

Dharma – that which upholds and supports the proper conduct of living.  How appropriate.

For more information on GlassDharma, please visit www.glassdharma.com.


Phuket Film Festival to Turn the Spotlight on Taiwanese Film

Thai Hotpot
Thai-style hot pot dipping sauce

Information I received that may be of interest to readers:


Bangkok, Thailand March 17, 2009:  The Phuket Film Festival is proud
to announce a Spotlight on Taiwanese Film will take place during the
2nd edition of the Festival which will run June 4 – 11 2009 at the
Coliseum Theaters in Phuket Town, on the beautiful international
resort destination of Phuket, Thailand.

The 2009 edition of the Festival will screen over 40 award winning
movies from 17 countries.

Supporting the Academy Award nominated and other award winning
Taiwanese films will be directors, producers, actors and actresses
traveling to the Festival from Taiwan. They will join other Festival
VIPs on a special tour of the island to raise awareness of Phuket as a
world-class film location providing a comprehensive range of
international class production services.

Attending will be:

Keeping Watch – Fen Fen Cheng
The Most Distant Course – Liin Jing-Jie
Island Etude – En Chen
Sumimasen Love – Lin Yu-Hsien
Step by Step – Kuo Chen – ti

Producers Patrick Mao Huang and James Liu will also attend the Festival.

A number of “stars” from Taiwan will also attend the Festival in
support of the “Spotlight”. Talent are still being confirmed however
the Festival has learned Joseph Chang and Jani Tsai will probably
attend as well as Asian superstar Chie Tanaka who will be awarded the
Festival’s Asian Talent of the Year Award.  Huai-Jhong Wu has also
been confirmed to attend.

The Spotlight on Taiwanese Film is being held in line with the
Festival’s goal to “diversify cultural activities “on Phuket and to
mark the growth of the Taiwanese film industry for film lovers around
the world.

The “Spotlight” also supports the recent Tourism Authority of Thailand
(TAT) “Two Islands, One Culture” promotional campaign held to
stimulate travel between the two islands of Taiwan and Phuket.

A gala reception hosted by the Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in
Thailand on Friday June 5, 2009

For additional information contact Press Division:
prdivision@gmail.com www.phuketfilmfestival.asia


We’re Married!

Cathy and I finally tied the knot on Saturday, December 27, 2008 in her beautiful hometown of Jhongsing Village.  Since then, we’ve been really busy showing my parents and brother around Taiwan.  So if you’re looking for wedding pictures: my good friend Jason Huang took a lot of great photos that can be found hereMichael Turton has an excellent recap of the event on his blog, and David Reid also uploaded pictures on his flickr stream.  We’d like to thank all our guests who could attend to make our wedding day special!

I’ll resume regular blogging during the second week of January.  In the meantime, have a Happy New Year!

UPDATE: MJ Klein has wonderful food pics from the event.

Taiwan B&B Travel Guide

Eric Wu has been hard at work putting on the finishing touches of the Taiwan B&B Travel Guide website.  The site contains a lot of useful information for people considering traveling to Taiwan and is easy to navigate.  Check it out!