Josie Entertains Herself

Our daughter Josie likes her Very Hungry Caterpillar toy almost as much as the sound of her voice.  Lately she’s been entertaining herself by making sounds whether we’re talking to her or not.  She is usually in a chatty mood for about a half an hour to an hour two to three times a day.

Welcoming the New Year

Josephine and Daddy
Hope everyone had a great New Year’s Eve!  Mine was spent with my wife and baby at a Zuoyuezi clinic.  We all fell asleep two hours before countdown began and woke up two hours after the festivities were over to the sounds of a hungry baby. Welcoming our daughter Josephine to the world on December second really made 2010 an unforgettable year.  On the blogging side of things – long periods of inactivity were interrupted occasionally by sudden furies of postings.  I expect a similar blogging schedule in 2011.  So what were some of my favorite posts during the Year of the Tiger?

Wishing everyone a great 2011!

Welcome to the World

Cathy @ 40 weeks + Waiting Waiting Waiting
Josephine Josephine
Photograph 1 – This picture was taken during the fortieth week of Cathy’s pregnancy outside a restaurant in Jhongsing Village.  I had a dream the previous night that her water would break while we were eating in the cafe and I would need to rush her to the hospital [which wouldn’t take long, as the hospital is less than a kilometer away].  The dream didn’t come true – most likely because we ate in a restaurant two doors down from the cafe.

Photograph 2 – Under our doctor’s advice, we went to the hospital on the morning of Wednesday, December 1 – the beginning of the forty-first week of Cathy’s pregnancy to induce labor.  Around noon on Thursday, December 2, it became clear that induction wasn’t working.  We had a brief meeting with our doctor and agreed that a cesarean would be the best option to ensure a healthy delivery for our baby.  After about an hour of sitting in the waiting room, nervously looking up every time the door opened, our daughter Josephine was carried to me by one of the nurses.  She weighed in at 7.8 pounds and shares a birthday with my mother.

Photograph 3 – Josephine waits in the newborn center while Cathy is under supervision after the surgery.

Photograph 4 – Everyone says she looks just like me.  What do you think?

35 Weeks

Cathy at 35 weeks
Here’s a small collection of photographs taken over the weekend featuring my wife Cathy.  She’s in her 35th week of pregnancy and looking great.  Very soon we’ll be welcoming our first daughter Josephine into the world!  Hope you enjoy the pictures!
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Daily Photo – The Radome [and an announcement]

Soccer Radome
A weather radar in Pingdong County.

I’ve decided to stop compiling Weekly Links.  I hope readers found them helpful during the year or so I posted them.  I’ve recently had a drastic work schedule change and in the upcoming future I’m expecting an even more drastic lifestyle change.