MOS Burger Romanized Menu

I have included links to pictures from the company’s online menu.

All Star

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85度C Romanized Drink Menu

冰咖啡 bīng kāfēi ICED CAFE

  • 招牌冰咖啡 zhāopai bīng kāfēi 85℃ Iced Coffee
  • 美式冰咖啡 Měishì bīng kāfēi Iced Americano
  • 冰巧克力牛奶 bīng qiǎokèlì niúnǎi Iced Chocolate Milk
  • 冰拿鐵 bīng nátiě Iced Coffee Latte
  • 冰卡布奇諾 bīng kǎbùqínuò Iced Cappuccino
  • 冰摩卡可可 bīng mókǎ kěkě Iced Mocha Cocoa
  • 冰焦糖瑪琪朵 bīng jiāotáng mǎqíduǒ Iced Caramel Macchiatto
  • 冰法式榛果拿鐵 bīng Fǎshì zhēnguǒ nátiě Iced French Hazel Latte
  • 冰法式焦糖拿鐵 bīng Fǎshì jiāotáng nátiě Iced French Caramel Latte

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Teaching Philosophy

As an ESL/EFL teacher, I strive to build communicative competence in every student that steps through my classroom door. My goal is to give students the tools they need to be able to use English in the big world outside of my classroom. I have had the distinct pleasure of teaching a wide variety of learners: pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students, primary and secondary students, university students, factory workers, and civil servants. Each group presented its own challenges and they all taught me to be flexible and reflective as I devote myself to be a successful educator.

Our classrooms, schools, and country are enriched by diversity. My classroom is an inclusive environment that celebrates differences in our student body. I believe in creating a supportive classroom environment that recognizes that differences are not deficiencies. Each student brings his or her unique experiences to the classroom. My classroom is a place where everyone belongs. I model respectful behavior and utilize effective, descriptive praise. I establish clearly defined behavior expectations and use predictable, escalating consequences for harassment and aggression.

Learning another language is difficult. That’s why it is important to use a wide variety of authentic materials to expose learners to how language is produced by users of that language. These may include menus, advertisements, timetables, articles, or radio and television news broadcasts. Authentic materials not only help with a learner’s general skills but also increase his or her confidence when faced with a real situation. I create a nurturing classroom environment that encourages students to be experimental with language. I frequently use verbal, procedural, and instructional scaffolding to guide my students, I correct student errors with compassion, and I employ the use of mixed-readiness pairs and small group interactions to give students time to practice before speaking in front of the whole class.

I bring an informed personal approach to teaching English language learners in the classroom: I keep myself up-to-date on the latest, research-based trends in ESL/EFL instruction, how people acquire language, and frequently collaborate with other instructors in my workplace and around the world. I am a reflective teacher: I take notes at the conclusion of each lesson to figure out what parts of each lesson worked well and what parts could be modified to better reach all learners. I differentiate my instruction to meet the individual needs of each student through knowledge of my students’ home cultures, home languages, preferred learning styles, interests, and readiness levels.


Cingjing Farm

A couple days before our wedding we brought my family and Cathy’s nephew up to Cingjing Farm [清境農場] for some great food and mountain scenery.  The winding road going up still had a few sections of road missing from the previous typhoon [four months ago].  Luckily there were no delays as there was very little traffic going up or down from our destination because it was a weekday.

Our first stop after such a long drive was Yunwu [清境雲舞樓渡假花園] for some excellent Yunnan cuisine, no need for much description, I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

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Foreign Food in Nantou

Vietnamese Food

Fried Spring Rolls – Cha Gio [招牌炸春卷]

For the longest time, I thought that if you wanted foreign food nearby your only choice was the McDonald’s in neighboring Caotun. So needless to say, I was quite delighted to be taken out for Vietnamese food at a restaurant near Cathy’s office.
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Be sure to try the Sausage Sampler!

Traveler Kitchen1.jpg

Over the break we drove from Jhongsing Village to Traveler Kitchen in Taichung for lunch. Traveler Kitchen runs two restaurants in Taichung: one Greek and one German.
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