Cycling the 136 and a side-order of Baguashan

Wednesday Bicycle Ride
Taiwanese-made G2C R7.1 meets the American-made M-41

I had a few unused vacation days left so I enjoyed a rare midweek ride last week.  I originally planned a shorter route closer to home but the all-you-can-eat kimchee hot pot had worked its way through my digestive system much better than I had anticipated.  It was a nice, clear day and I rode along Provincial HWY 14 at a leisurely pace toward Local HWY 136 which bridges Nantou’s Guoxing [國姓] with Taichung’s Taiping [太平].

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A Quick Trip up and down Baguashan

Express Delivery
Yesterday, I took an afternoon ride up Baguashan.  I wanted to practice climbing and keep the route brief to be home by five.  A map of the route can be found on  I would advise others to not take Chenggong #3 Road [成功三路] to the top as it goes through the Nangang Industrial Area and the air there isn’t as pleasant as other routes up.  The 148 descending into Caotun is gorgeous and the road surface is excellent.  Just be prepared to share the road with local sport bike enthusiasts.

Around Baguashan

Sunday 90km Cycling
Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle

Being a little tired of going up Bagua Mountain I thought I would go around it.  Last Sunday’s route followed Provincial HWY 14 to Changhua City followed by Provincial HWY 1 to Yuanlin.  After that I rode along County Road 141 to Ershui and 152 to Mingjian before taking Provincial HWY 3 back home.  With the exception of a short climb on the 152, the route is almost completely flat.  A map of the route is available on  Here’s a small collection of photographs from the ride:

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Saturday Cycling – Tung Blossoms and Baguashan

Usually before I go cycling I’ve already decided several days ahead of time where I’ll be going. Today was different. I hadn’t decided where I would be going as I finished breakfast this morning. I got on my bike and headed in the direction of the Pingding Sacred Tree, as there are many choices of routes available once there. I felt a rumbling in my stomach, so turned around to go to the big 7-11 on Zhongzheng Rd. This particular 7-11 rates high in terms of clean restrooms. Had it not been for the unexpected bout of abdominal bloating, I probably would have gone to the Pingding Sacred Tree and come back through Jhongliao like I usually do.

After leaving 7-11 I decided to head in the direction of Baguashan [八卦山].  I entertained the idea of cycling to Changhua and ascending Baguashan from the Giant Buddha Statue one of my six year old students can’t stop talking about.

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A brief return to Baguashan

Bagua Road
Sunday’s bike trip was a much briefer one than the previous week because I had a mountain of housework I didn’t get done on Saturday. This trip was much like the previous one, however, once I reached Bagua Rd. I turned right instead of left.
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Changcing Bikeway on Baguashan

Taking advantage of a fine day on the eve of Typhoon Jingmi’s arrival I decided to do some cycling on the Chingcing Bikeway [長青自行車道] along Baguashan [八卦山]. The weather was nice and cool when I set out at 6 am on Saturday. After a quick stop at Family Mart and another stop for breakfast I began my journey through Nantou City [南投市]. Along the way, a van was being overtaken by nature:
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Supersampler Cycling

Ride up Baguashan
Yellow Fever at 7-11

I recently found a Lomo Supersampler in my closet and have no idea how it got there.  Cathy is on a business trip at the moment so I have no way of ascertaining how this plastic camera came into our possession.  The Supersampler is a 35mm camera with four lenses which shoot in a sequence [4 pictures in 2 seconds or .2 seconds].  I’ve seen Lomo cameras on sale at bookstores in Taiwan as well as plenty hanging around the necks of hip college students.  I’ve never been tempted to purchase one because I could never justify spending over $2,000NT on a camera with a build quality only slightly better than a disposable.

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Ice Cream at Hejia Ranch

Big Cow
A couple weeks back Cathy and I checked out the Hejia Ranch [禾家牧場] on Yinghangshan [銀行山].  The ranch was established twenty years ago and specializes in dairy products such as milk, ice cream, yogurt, and popsicles.  Yinghangshan is located on Baguashan [八卦山], making this a popular spot for families and cyclists.

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