Picking Strawberries in Guoxing

Picking Strawberries!
Every winter, the family heads down Provincial HWY 14 to Guoxing Township [國姓鄉] to pick strawberries. We stopped at one of several organic farms in Guoxing and were told that due to rainfall the previous week and a busy morning there weren’t too many ripe strawberries. The owner of the farm did give us some encouragement by saying we should have no trouble filling our box.

Picking Strawberries!
Guoxing is one of two areas in Taiwan with several strawberry farms. The other, is Dahu Township [大湖鄉] in Miaoli County [苗栗縣]. There are a lot more strawberry farms in Dahu and it’s much more touristy. If you’re from out of town, Guoxing is a great stop to pick strawberries on the way to some of the popular and not-so-popular destinations in the area.
Picking Strawberries!
Although we didn’t see many large, ripe strawberries, there were plenty of small and medium-sized strawberries available. The kids worked in separate rows picking them clean of anything ripe.
Picking Strawberries!
We went home with an impressive haul and the kids had a great time. Best of all, we didn’t have to drive all the way to Miaoli and fight the crowds.
Picking Strawberries!

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