The Ninety-Nine Peaks Forest Trail

The Ninety-Nine Peaks TrailFishman greets visitors at the parking lot

We went hiking on the first day of 2017 to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. The Ninety-Nine Peaks Forest Trail [九九峰森林步道] is a 1,930 meter long trail in Nantou County’s Caotun Township [草屯鎮]. We brought the kids here because we figured they were getting tired of the trail we frequent in Jhongsing Village. Furthermore, being a holiday weekend, most of the popular trails in Nantou County were probably going to be packed. We only encountered a couple dozen people on the trail. Amazingly, both kids made it through the whole trail without asking to be carried!

Here’s a small collection of photographs of our hike:

The Ninety-Nine Peaks TrailNathan shows off a leaf

The Ninety-Nine Peaks TrailFeeling great on an unseasonably warm January 1st

The Ninety-Nine Peaks TrailGoing up!

The Ninety-Nine Peaks TrailLooking out towards Guoxing Township

The Ninety-Nine Peaks TrailWe weren’t the only ones on the trail

The Ninety-Nine Peaks TrailClose to the top

The Ninety-Nine Peaks TrailNathan leading the way

The Ninety-Nine Peaks TrailOne of the Ninety-Nine Peaks

The Ninety-Nine Peaks TrailThe kids miraculously still have energy to run

I didn’t do much blogging in 2016 and I don’t imagine I will do a tremendous amount of blogging in 2017 either. During the final quarter of 2016 I began taking professional development classes to renew my expired Michigan teaching certificate and this year I will begin taking online graduate courses to earn a Master’s degree in TESOL.

Happy New Year!

6 thoughts on “The Ninety-Nine Peaks Forest Trail

  1. I hiked to the very top of this trail a few years ago and it was pretty scary, straight drop off on either side and the mountain is literally made of loose rocks. Nice view at the top though.

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