Tung Blossoms in Miaoli

Tung BlossomsI think I’ve finally recovered after my family went on a day-trip to Miaoli with my mother-in-law and a bus full of her coworkers about two and a half months ago. If you are unfamiliar with a Taiwanese group day-trip they mostly follow the same exhausting formula: one interesting stop followed by half a dozen boring ones. In addition, the karaoke on the bus only has one volume – deafening. Here’s a small collection of photographs from my favorite of our stops – The Hakka Compound [客家大院] in Tongluo Township [銅鑼鄉] to see the Tung Blossoms [油桐花].

Tung Blossoms

Tung Blossoms
Tung Blossoms
Tung Blossoms

8 thoughts on “Tung Blossoms in Miaoli

  1. Wow I don’t know about day trips. They are way too intense to enjoy the time. It was such a long time ago when I went with my family, and maybe it was different. But at least we didn’t have karaoke on the bus!

  2. Like Constance, I also feel your pain. When I lived in Taichung, I went on a couple of these trips with other residents in our apartment building. Like you described it – one or two interesting stops, with the rest of the time filled with deafening karaoke, childish games and pointless stops at roadside souvenir stores.

    • The most unusual incident on a tour bus for me was on a company trip (coincidentally, also to Miaoli). A stranger boarded our bus at the Qingshui Rest Area with a box of goods. For some reason he was given a microphone and went on to try to sell various peanut-related products. After several kilometers a few of my coworkers caved and bought a few things. Then he made a phone call to a friend, told him where to pick him up, and asked the driver to pull over to drop him off. The driver claimed to now know the individual but I’m pretty confident it was arranged by him or the travel agency.

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