September Instagrams

Wheel. #taiwan #nantou #caotun

Here are a half a dozen images posted to Instagram during September. This installment’s images were taken in Caotun Township, Taichung City, and Nantou City.

Aluminum Siding at Night + Flash. #taiwan #nantouAluminum [see note #1]

This house number plaque was made for us by the previous owner and given to us as a move-in gift. I finally got around to supergluing it next to the front door. #taiwan #ceramic #61 [see note #2]

Metal Mayhem. #taiwan #caotun #nantou #snapseed Metal Mayhem

Cheesy last light show during bride and groom entrance. #taiwan #taichung #wedding Light Show [see note #3]

The Universe. #taiwan #nantouThe Universe [see note #4]


  1. This is probably the first time I’ve purposely used the flash on my smartphone. It’s a picture of the side of a factory taken while some of my adult students and I were waiting for a representative from the security company to debug the security system so we could all go home.
  2. Our porcelain house number plaque which was created by the previous owner of the house and given to us as a move in gift.
  3. Wedding entrances here look more and more like hair band music videos without the hair band. Laser lights, color changing walls and ceilings, and troops of servers parading around with tiki torches.
  4. Pointing the phone at a box of steel shavings in darkness and using the onboard flash.

9 thoughts on “September Instagrams

    • Thanks! My wife hates to admit it, but we actually got a really good deal on our house. New houses in the area are completely out of our price range and all the other older houses we looked at would’ve required a lot more work.

      • My husband and I purchased our house 5 years ago at the right time and got a great price (we realize how great now)!! We must have looked at about 30 houses and we ended up purchasing the first house we looked at (which was still under construction so we got to change and add a lot).

        And I know how your wife feels – you never know if you have gotten the price lower or not.

      • Lucky for us – Another house in the neighborhood with a slightly smaller square footage with an even more dated interior design sold for about 20% more than ours a couple months later. Most of the neighbors think the previous owners could have gotten a much better deal had they strong armed us or simply waited a couple of months for another buyer.

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