Pandas on Tour – Jhongsing Village

Pandas on Tour

Pandas World Tour

The Pandas World Tour stopped in Jhongsing Village over the weekend. An outdoor exhibit of pandas [Ailuropoda melanoleuca] and Formosan black bears [Ursus thibetanus formosanus] took over a park near our house. The exhibition spotlights the importance of protecting endangered animals. The 1600 paper-mache pandas were created by French artist Paulo Grangeon. On the Taiwan leg of the tour these pandas were accompanied by 200 Formosan black bears – an endangered species endemic to Taiwan.

Pandas on Tour

The significance of the numbers is that there are an estimated 1600 pandas and 200 Formosan black bears remaining in the wild.

Pandas on Tour

Pandas on Tour

There was a massive line to stand between a couple of enormous panda statues and hold a paper mache panda. In contrast, the line for the colossal [and more threatened] Formosan black bear was significantly shorter.

Pandas on Tour

4 thoughts on “Pandas on Tour – Jhongsing Village

  1. I’ve been following the touring pandas ever since I saw a link about them on the Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia Facebook page a few months ago. I think it’s a great way to spread awareness on the importance of wildlife protection, it’s nice to see that the artist has included the Formosan black bear in his exhibit, and I hope to see more endangered animals added to it in the future. Thank you for sharing these photographs, they’re fantastic! And I had no idea the panda sculptures were so big- I guess you always learn something new…fabulous post!

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