April Instagrams

Grabbing a Light. #caotun #nantou #taiwan
Grabbing a Light

Here are a handful of images posted to Instagram during April. This installment’s exotic locales include Jhongsing Village and Caotun Township.

Resting. #caotun #nantou #taiwan

Pruning. #nantou #caotun #taiwan


Men on a Truck. Temple Parade in Caotun Township. #taiwan #temple #nantou #caotun

Men on a Truck

Feeling Purple. #taiwan #nantou #snapseed

Feeling Purple

Brother Watermelon and the Wicked Candy Witch. #nantou #taiwan #caotun #snapseed

Brother Watermelon and the Wicked Candy Witch

6 thoughts on “April Instagrams

      • Well, I guess it is better than McDonald employees coming to your school and preaching about good daily habits (this happened at the school I taught at a few years ago.) I sat through the entire presentation shaking my head thinking the irony of the situation while at the same time, enjoying the paid hour off!

      • McDonald’s doesn’t need to visit our school because one unfortunate part of our curriculum is learning about fast food and taking a field trip to a nearby McDonald’s.

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