January Instagrams

Plum Blossoms in Nantou's Xinyi Township. #taiwan #nantou
Plum Blossoms in Xinyi Township, Nantou County

I’ve recently begun using Instagram after purchasing a cellphone much smarter than my previous one. I have had a lot of fun with the program thus far and have stumbled across a lot of interesting photographs. Here is a small collection of pictures taken during January 2014.

On a trip to Nantou's Xinyi Township.  #taiwan #nantou

Looking Up in Xinyi Township

Remains of a floral arrangement in Caotun Township, Nantou County. #taiwan #caotun #nantou

The Remains of a Floral Arrangement

2    2 #taiwan #nantou #caotun

2     2

A sign rests in Caotun Township. #taiwan #nantou

A Sign Rests in Caotun Township

Looking up in Jhongsing Village. #taiwan #nantou

Looking Up in Jhongsing Village

In Jhongsing Village. #taiwan #nantou

Jhongsing Hall

Guangrong Elementary School in Jhongsing Village. #nantou #taiwan

Guangrong Elementary School

Where indoor playground equipment is laid to rest. #taiwan #nantou #caotun

Where Indoor Playground Equipment is Laid to Rest

Any of my readers on Instagram? Would love to hear your thoughts and see your work.

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