7 thoughts on “Radioactive

  1. These exhibitions are a great fun. We have had siimilar exhibitions in Bristol England to raise money for different charities and they have been very successful in drawing in people into the city.

    • I was impressed with the number of people there on a weekday afternoon. I’m sure the exhibition attracts quite a large number of visitor on the weekend. I wonder what they’ll do with all the bears once the exhibition is over. I hope they are spread around the city.

      • In the exhibitions in Bristol they were auctioned off raising more money for the childrens hostpital some of the statues sold for silly amounts of money. I guess they are collectors who wanted a piece of history as all the statues were of grommit all painted with different designs and themes. Great fun and for a worthwhile cause, I think there was somthing like 50 statues all around the city.

  2. I don’t think those marks have to do anything with the nuclei falling apart, they are instead used commonly on the crash test dummies/cars so the camera can automatically focus on the important points and quantitatively estimate the havoc that happens when you hit someone driving in the wrong lane without safety belt.

    Gives it the right dimension there. Thanks for the great photo!

    • Hans,
      I originally thought they simply changed the nuclear hazard logo to avoid being overtly associated with the controversy regarding the construction of the country’s fourth nuclear power plant. Your explanation makes a lot more sense. I haven’t seen an image of a crash test dummy since the old safety belt P.S.A.s in the US. Thanks for stopping by!

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