On Guitar

On Guitar
In Shuili Township’s Checheng Village.

This man was playing a few riffs as I led my students to an area of picnic benches. I threw a $50NT coin into his collection jar as encouragement. He continued playing a few riffs as a woman [possibly his wife] was busy setting up a table displaying albums available for purchase. A train arrived at the nearby station and more than a couple hundred people who were part of one enormous or several large tour groups oozed out like a bowel movement. Upon their arrival the man walked up to his microphone and started singing a Taiwanese rock song with great energy. A few people from the tour groups stopped and watched while others walked past. Before the end of the song those who had stopped briefly to watch left to catch up with the others. Unfortunately, no one else left any money in his collection jar and no one bought one of his albums. When he finished his song, he promptly packed all his albums and musical equipment, and left.

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