The Giant Rubber Duck in Kaohsiung

Giant Rubber Duck
Fill my eyes with that yellow vision

Last Saturday we made a spontaneous decision to visit the Giant Rubber Duck in Kaohsiung City during its final weekend down south. Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman has been spreading joy around the world since 2007 with his massive floating duck sculptures. The duck has already left Kaohsiung and will be making stops in Taoyuan [Oct. 26 – Nov. 10] and Keelung [Dec. 21 – Jan 31].

Giant Rubber Duck

Giant Rubber Duck

A family admires the Giant Duck while a trio of young women admire their phablets

Kaohsiung Central Park Station
Central Park Station – Highly impressive with or without ducks

Giant Rubber Duck Collage

11 thoughts on “The Giant Rubber Duck in Kaohsiung

    • I heard on a radio interview that each one is produced in the country that it will be on display in. The Taiwan duck measures (25×18×18 meters) while the Hong Kong duck measures (14×15×16.5 meters). The largest one was the one on display in France in 2007, which measured (26×20×32 meters).

  1. I’m sure the kids enjoyed the giant duck. Looks like great weather at the time. Not sure how something would go over with people…

    Our organization dumps lots of smaller rubber duckies down a manmade pond…it’s a fundraiser for guessing the numbers..

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