Caotun Township Lo-Fi

Lo-Fi Caotun

Lantern Sky

I recently found a plastic toy camera. The camera is of unknown make and model but was a part of some sort of promotional giveaway from yesteryear. I loaded it with a roll of Fujicolor Superia 200 [as various speeds of Superia are the only film available in the greater Jhongsing Village-area] and walked around town with it during a few lunch breaks over the past couple of months. Here are a handful of those shots.

Lo-Fi Caotun

Moderate to Extreme Corrosion

Lo-Fi Caotun

Lotus Podemonium

Lo-Fi Caotun

Light to Moderate Corrosion

Lo-Fi Caotun

Cross at Your Own Risk

Lo-Fi Caotun

Mustard and Blue

Lo-Fi Caotun

A visit to the Neighborhood Temple

Lo-Fi Caotun

People Pile

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